Street Light


Street Light

Poetry is a music a rhythm so smoothly lightly and lovely 

People went, the trespassers
Daily life, My daily stand
From dawn to less
Under this street light
In this street corner
Aside this bakery
I am present here, always

No one ask
No one, who I am?
Who will? For what?
For a street beggar
Like me…hahhahaha

But a confusion for others
In the surroundings
For what he is?

I know, what they think?

Waiting for someone, kind-hearted
For some coins and notes

Yes, sometimes i do
I do, if they
For a dayspring
In plus

A dreaded truth
These stray dogs and I only know
My life
My long beard like years went white
My eyes had loosen its value of penny in light
My jute blanket covered all the life i had in sight
Intense of the sun made me invisible for the nights
No place to sleep, a journey till sun rise

I never ask
If I deserve, accept
Not waiting for the precious
But for the time
To ask
When is my chance?
To leave

Indian Street Writer
Koramangala Hari Das

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